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Our fabric story

Our fabrics are the heart and soul of every Bemz product and we hand pick only the very best ones for the job: machine washable, long lasting and beautiful.

  • How are Bemz fabrics dyed and printed?
  • Do Bemz covers shrink?
  • Are Bemz covers stain protected?
  • How durable are Bemz fabrics?
  • Are Bemz fabrics made of natural fibres?

    We have searched the world over to find fabrics with a focus on 100% natural fibres. Fabrics that are long lasting, durable, machine washable, and with a quality that meets our exacting standards. The unique characteristics of each fabric depend on what type of fibre has been used and how the fabric has been woven. Here’s a brief overview of our fabrics below. Still curious? See even more details, including close up images of our fabrics.

    Our cotton fabrics
    Cotton is our principle material as it has a high degree of strength, durability and absorbency. The cotton fabric used in Bemz home textiles is always a high quality weave. The look and feel depends on the manner in which the fabric is woven and on the cotton yarn chosen for it. The fabrics are strong and robust enough to withstand heavy usage while maintaining a softness that is pleasing to the touch.

    Our linen/cotton fabrics
    Our linen fabric is woven in Belgium, a world-renowned producer of high quality linen due to favourable soil and climate conditions, along with a time-honoured tradition. This linen provides a feeling of timeless luxury. Mixed with durable yet comfortable cotton, our linen/cotton blend is the ideal indulgence. As with all woven blends, it is likely to have an uneven texture with some small irregularities in the weave, which contribute to its uniqueness.

    Our cotton/linen/viscose fabrics
    To create fascinating effects in colour and structure, yarns of varying strength and colour shades we have fabric blended with cotton, linen and viscose. The fabrics are soft and supple, but it is the structure in the weave and changing hues that give the fabric its special character. After washing, the fibres of the fabric can contract so the covers should be hung to dry at room temperature. After careful ironing, the slipcover will regain its original shape.

    Our fabrics made of 100% recycled material
    Textiles from our Respect collection are made of 100% recycled material. First, 100% cotton cutouts from clothing industry factories are gathered and colour-sorted. They’re then shredded and ground back down to their original cotton fibres, which are spun into yarn. For durability, they’re mixed with a small amount of polyester (made from recycled plastic bottles). Finally, the yarn is woven into a new textile, designed by Bemz. Waste is recycled into a beautiful, high-quality fabric without using a drop of water or dye. Respect is a stunning design choice that you’ll also feel good about having in your home.

    Our fabrics in pure washed linen
    This beautiful 100% linen fabric from Belgium is pre-washed to create a sophisticated look and give the strong yet supple fabric a unique appearance. The slipcover does not need to be ironed after washing, if you would like to maintain the loose and somewhat wrinkled look that is typical of the shabby chic style. Because of the fabric’s unique qualities, each product is hand-cut before sewing.

    Our fabrics in unbleached cotton
    The fabric is untreated so the natural colour of the cotton gives the fabric its character. It’s neither dyed or bleached. Small seed shells in the weave increase its charm factor. No stain protection has been applied to the unbleached cotton due to its natural state, but continuing our promise of quality and design, it has been sanforized to prevent shrinkage and is machine washable.

    Our fabrics in velvet
    We offer covers in two kinds of velvet fabric - Zaragoza Vintage Velvet - made in collaboration with Designers Guild, boasting a thick rich pile, and Malmen - our velvet designed in-house with a short pile finish in muted Scandinavian tones. Both of our velvet fabric collections are dyed and woven in Europe.