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the bemz story

Our fabric story

Our fabrics are the heart and soul of every Bemz product and we hand pick only the very best ones for the job: machine washable, long lasting and beautiful.

  • How are Bemz fabrics dyed and printed?

    Solid-coloured fabrics are processed through dye baths and have the same colour on both sides. Patterned fabrics are usually printed by passing the fabric between printing cylinders where the colour is printed on the front side of the fabric. Another way to create patterned fabrics is to weave the fabric of different-coloured yarns. Bemz offers colour-coordinated cover collections to make decorating your home easier and more fun. Since different production techniques are used to create the design of the fabrics, a slight shade variation will be visible. For example, if you look at a dyed fabric and a printed striped fabric closely you may notice a slight variance in colour shade. However, when the covers are fitted and placed in the room, the colours are usually perceived as matching. As fabrics are dyed in colour batches, small shade differences may occur from roll to roll. If you are ordering the same colour and fabric for your covers to furnish an entire room, a good tip is to order all the covers at the same time to ensure the fabric will be cut from the same roll.

  • Do Bemz covers shrink?
  • Are Bemz covers stain protected?
  • How durable are Bemz fabrics?
  • Are Bemz fabrics made of natural fibres?