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the bemz story

Our fabric story

Our fabrics are the heart and soul of every Bemz product and we hand pick only the very best ones for the job: machine washable, long lasting and beautiful.

  • How are Bemz fabrics dyed and printed?
  • Do Bemz covers shrink?
  • Are Bemz covers stain protected?
  • How durable are Bemz fabrics?

    Our fabrics have been subjected to the Martindale test, a method to establish the unit for durability. This is where fabric is mounted flat and rubbed in a figure eight like motion using a piece of coarse wool cloth as the abrasive material. The number of cycles the fabric endures before it shows an objectionable change in appearance is counted and determines the fabric’s abrasion rating. The general standard expected for home interiors is an abrasion rating of 15,000 and for public interiors an abrasion rating of 30,000 Martindale. Bemz fabrics have been given excellent Martindale ratings and all fabrics pass the standard for home interiors by far. Several of the fabrics also reach the abrasion standard for public interiors!

  • Are Bemz fabrics made of natural fibres?