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How To Make Your IKEA Sofa Last Forever

Welcome to the Swedish design company that helps you give your IKEA furniture a personal twist and a new life.


Style + Sustainability made simple

Bemz makes covers to fit the most popular models of IKEA sofas, armchairs and chairs – even the discontinued ones – with the idea of extending the life of a product in a customised way. There's no reason to throw away a perfectly good piece of IKEA furniture if the original fabric no longer suits your taste or gets damaged. We also have a complementary range of other home textiles such as bed and headboard covers, bedspreads, bedskirts, curtains, and cushion covers – to help you create a personalised, coordinated look at home.

Maximum personalisation, Minimum waste

We believe that a home is a reflection of who you are - that's why we offer a diverse range of fabric choices including some from famous designers. While shopping on our website, you’ll be prompted to select the IKEA furniture model you want to cover, then to pick the fabric you want to cover it with. If you’re having trouble choosing from our 250+ fabric choices, you can always try out free samples of your favourites to find out how they look and feel in your home. We're not interested in stockpiling a warehouse full of unsold goods, so all of our products are sewn to order (which is why it takes up to 4 weeks for you to receive them). What's more, our products are machine washable - extending the life of your furniture for years to come.


Shop with confidence

Bemz has always been about quality, design and sustainability. We focus on 100% natural materials in a variety of fabric qualities, created with care in factories in Sweden and Europe, where we personally know the seamstresses and their working conditions. All of our products are durable, machine washable, made to fit beautifully and backed up with a 3 year quality guarantee and 2 week risk-free return policy. What’s more you can always feel free to contact us at any time - we know our products inside and out and would be happy to help you.

Our covers are easy to slip on and off

Watch this video to see how you can put on a Bemz cover and instantly transform the look of your IKEA sofa.  We’ve got a lot more video inspiration for you right over here.

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