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10th Anniversary Collection

Bemz Designer-Curated Collection

Introducing our first designer in the collection, Tricia Guild, Founder and Lead Designer of Designers Guild.


Sudara by Designers Guild


Featured Designer: Tricia Guild, Designers Guild

Our first designer in the collection is Tricia Guild, Founder and Lead Designer of Designers Guild. Her curation is based on her floral pattern Sudara - now available exclusively at Bemz for a limited time. Tricia has mixed and matched this print with cushions in Brera Lino Natural, Brera Lino Leaf and Rosendal Soft White to create a stunning look that you can now re-create in your own home.  Here you see Sudara featured on a Soderhamn sofa but at Bemz, as always, the choice is yours: you can use Sudara or any of the textiles that Tricia Guild has curated for our collection across all of our products, from cushions to chairs to curtains and more.

Order up to 5 free fabric samples from Tricia Guild's curation