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Our 3 favourite words

New. IKEA. Catalogue.

Time to celebrate - the new IKEA catalogue is out! It’s the best time of year at Bemz, where we create beautiful custom slipcovers to make your lovely IKEA sofas even nicer.


We ♥ the 2017 IKEA catalogue!

Do you know that we make custom slipcovers for many of the sofas, chairs, armchairs (and more!) that you’ll find inside the 2017 catalogue? Personalise yours with a choice of 250+ colours, textures and patterns. Then browse our full selection of products here to get started.



And we also love the old IKEA catalogues…

We’ve watched IKEA catalogue launches come and go since opening for business over 10 years ago and can happily report that this event NEVER gets tired. So if you still love your old IKEA sofa, we have an array of covers for many discontinued ones. Why throw away a good piece of furniture when you can bring it back to life and personalise it with a choice of 250+ fabrics

The samples below are merely a selection of best-selling Bemz covers.

See all of the furniture we cover here.