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IKEA sofas you wish we'd cover

Which IKEA sofa, couch, loveseat or other piece of furniture would you like Bemz to cover? Perhaps the IKEA Vilasund, Holmsund, Lycksele, Strandmon,Tidafors or Solsta?


Your wish is our command...

IKEA sofa (and other furniture models) that our customers have requested covers for include the Ypperlig sofa (made in collaboration with Hay), Vilasund, Holmsund, Lycksele, Strandmon,Tidafors and Solsta, which we’re now considering. If enough customers ask us to cover an IKEA model (either current or discontinued), we make it happen! We're also always open to creating couch covers made of new fabric qualities (leather sofa covers, or hemp or bamboo sofa slipcovers covers anyone?). So if you’d like a cover for an IKEA sofa, armchair or chair that we don’t yet offer, please let us know

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