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Bed Skirt Guide

Your bed’s bare legs are longing to be dressed in a lovely skirt. We offer five different styles of bed skirt/valance, designed to fit most standard size beds (not just IKEA models). Here’s a guide to help you measure properly and choose the right one.

What’s a bed skirt?

Practical storage solution and beautiful decor detail in one, our machine washable bed skirts for single/twin, King, Queen or double/full size beds come in 30 cm, 40cm, 50cm and 60 cm heights and are available in hundreds of colours and patterns. They’re designed to work on beds with 4 legs (not just IKEA models) but not on beds that have foot boards or any kind of protruding exterior frame (like IKEA’s Malm bed for instance).  Beds are made and configured differently in different countries - the key thing to remember is that bed skirts are made to fit underneath your mattress.


(1) The skirt fabric surrounds the bed’s base on three sides (it’s not meant to appear at the head of your bed since many beds are pushed up against a wall and/or have fastened headboards).

(2) Bemz bed skirts are made with a piece of white lining fabric that acts as a platform and sits flat on top of your box spring/divan base/bed base/bed frame.

(3) This white lining is framed by a border of the same fabric you choose for the bed skirt - a quality detail that keeps the white liner from poking out.

How to measure your bed for a bed skirt


Start by measuring the width (1) and length (2) of your bed.

Next measure the height (3) starting from where you want the hem to fall (it’s kind of like choosing jeans - do you prefer capris or bell bottoms?).

Stop measuring precisely at the top of the bed rail (a hard structure normally made of metal or wood), which is usually visible (even if it’s covered with fabric, as in our photo). Push down on the top of your bed frame until you can feel the bed rail to exclude any bed springs/padding built into your bed frame when measuring. Then you can choose from one of our corresponding bed skirt heights in 30 cm, 40 cm or 50 cm.


Beds are made and configured differently in different countries - even if bought at IKEA. Be sure to exclude any kind of mattress in your measurement. The bedskirt is designed to fit underneath the mattress (including box springs/divan beds with thick mattresses).

Bemz bed skirt styles

A bed skirt can anchor and set the tone of your bedroom. The colour, pattern and fabric quality will largely determine the room’s look. Ditto the bed skirt’s style. Here are the 5 different bed skirt styles we offer and a guide to help you choose to the right one.



A fitted, streamlined look that works well in minimalist, urban style rooms. Perfect for those who want a chic, simple and discreet solution for hiding their bed legs. Since this is a tailored fit, if you have items stored under your bed that require frequent access, Pleated or Loose Fit Country might suit you better. Due to the clean lines of its perfectly flat panels, this bed skirt style makes any pattern stand out.


Box Pleat

Always a popular choice due to its versatility. The Box Pleat style works equally well in both minimal or classic bedrooms. Similar to our Straight style above with the addition of a decorative corner pleat detail that adds a touch of chic formality. This is also a slim fit, but easier to access stored items under the bed.



The elegant pleated folds of this style create a classic, stylised look that works well with a sophisticated decor. Perfect for those who want to frequently access stored items under their bed as the skirt is easy to lift completely.


Loose Fit Urban

For those who like a minimalist bohemian look. The emphasis for this style is on the fabric and its texture - Loose Fit is available predominantly in our 100% pure linen. This is a tailored fit so not as easy to access stored items under your bed.


Loose Fit Country

Designed for shabby chic lovers and fans of a cosy, romantic look who like their bedroom to have a soft, feminine flair. Perfect for those who want to frequently access stored items under their bed as the skirt is easy to lift.

If you’re in the mood to give your bedroom a simple yet stunning makeover, we have some excellent bedroom styling tips in our blog. And of course the best way to help you make a choice is to order free fabric samples to try out at home.

If you were looking for something to cover your bed on all four sides plus the top of the bed frame, then take a look at our daybed covers.