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Armchair Covers

Time to give your favourite IKEA armchair (the one that fits you like a glove) a little lift? Or maybe you've got a new IKEA easy chair you’d like to re-style. Either way, Bemz has got you covered.


Bemz covers for IKEA armchair models

We offer covers for over 20 IKEA armchairs - from discontinued models like Tomelilla, PS and Karlstad to current classics such as Poang and Tullsta. Now you can give your favourite model the style it deserves with a Bemz design cover, available in hundreds of fabrics.

Learn more about the different fits Bemz offers for various IKEA armchairs/easy chairs: Regular Fit, Multi Fit, Regular Fit with long skirt, Loose Fit Urban and Loose Fit Country. You’ll be prompted to select your prefered fit and fabric after choosing your product(s) below.