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I Love my Norsborg

Read our review of IKEA’s modern, modular Norsborg sofa - designed for comfort and flexibility. Why have one like all the others when you can make it your own with a Bemz cover?


Why Everyone loves Norsborg

If IKEA’s Karlstad and Kivik were to have a love child, it would be a Norsborg. Designed as a modern, modular, family-friendly series, many people think of Norsborg as a replacement for the now discontinued Karlstad series. Norsborg has a super square frame and a linear look combined with thick, overstuffed cushions (the perfect canvas for our Pop Graphic look). You can adjust some or all of the Norsborg series’ pieces to fit your living space. It also has a handy little side pocket to stuff your novel, mobile, snack or remote control.


Transform your Norsborg with Bemz

Bemz offers covers for Norsborg 2 and 3 seaters, the stand-alone chaise longue, add-on chaise longue and corner section, available in hundreds of Bemz colours and prints in our Regular Fit, with or without side pockets. And like all of our covers, these will have the same high quality: machine washable, with a 3 year guarantee and made of 100% natural fabrics. Already own a Norsborg? Pick a fabric that really says you and make it stand out from the crowd. Thinking of buying a new one? Did you know that IKEA sells Norsborg sofas without the cover, so you can personalise yours with a Bemz cover of your choice from the very start, often for the same price or even less. Please note when ordering a Bemz cover for your Norsborg that you'll have to select the same individual pieces that make up your Norsborg configuration (they're all different depending on what you selected at IKEA).

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