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Respect your sofa!

Design, quality & sustainability: words so natural at Bemz, we don’t even think about them. Respect fabric is made with 100% recycled material and is now available in an array of spot-on-trend colours.


Design. Recycling. Sustainability.

We searched for a sustainable, robust, cotton fabric and that search led us to Respect. Textiles from our Respect collection are made of 100% recycled material. First, 100% cotton cutouts from clothing factories are gathered and colour-sorted. They’re then shredded and ground back down to their original cotton fibres, which are spun into yarn. For durability, they’re mixed with a small amount of polyester (made from recycled plastic bottles). Finally, the yarn is woven into a new textile, designed by Bemz. Waste is recycled into a beautiful, high-quality fabric without using a drop of water or dye. Respect is a stunning design choice that you’ll also feel good about having in your home. 


Respect goes colour

We’re proud to introduce seven new Respect fabrics now in trend colours for the very first time. Muted pastels in rose, green and blue join vibrant accent hues in navy, red and ivy to bring you some of this year’s hottest interior trend colours. These new fashion-savvy shades complement our existing earthy, neutral tones, offering you more options to mix and match with the rest of the Respect palette for a sustainable yet stunningly modern home.


Respect for the planet & your home

We’re very proud of Respect and with the addition of colour to this line of sustainable textile, it’s now become a quintessential Bemz fabric quality. Respect is now available in 17 beautifully textured, must-have shades - all perfect canvases for mixing and matching with our hundreds of other fabrics. Whether you choose them to upcycle an entire IKEA sofa or simply some cushions, Respect is designed for adaptable, elegant, everyday living. Be sure to visit our Respect Style Makeover for more inspiration.