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Get your glam on - velvet covers are now at Bemz!

Available in an array of spot-on-trend colours in a rich, luxurious, sensuous fabric - this is definitely not your grandmother’s fusty, old velvet. Touching is believing - order some free fabric samples now and discover them yourself.


We’ve got a crush on velvet

Velvet is all the rage in fashion-forward circles the world over. It’s the one textile that designers can’t seem to get enough of right now. But it’s not just the fashion world crushing on this season’s “It” fabric. Everything’s going velvet - from sofas to armchairs to cushions and curtains (and more!). Velvet's always been in demand for its rich, soft, luxurious and sumptuous depth. We’ve searched the world over for just the right velvet quality - one that’ll keep its shape as a furniture cover and still look fabulous wash after wash (minus the haute-couture price tag).  And more importantly, one available in spot-on-trend colours to completely transform your favourite IKEA furniture. We finally found what we were looking for in a velvet fabric by Designers Guild - now available in limited edition Bemz covers for your favourite IKEA models.   


Love at first touch

We’ve chosen to create covers in Zaragoza Vintage Velvet by Designers Guild in ten spot-on-trend colours - available across our complete range of products. This luxurious velvet fabric is woven in Europe with a dense pile surface that reflects colour deeply, giving it that coveted vintage look.
Depending on where you stand in a room and where the light hits the fabric, the soft sheen of our velvet will appear across your furniture in different shades from every angle - for a wonderfully soft and vibrant look that’ll lure you into a caress every time you pass by.  

Available in an array of fashionable hues - from blueish greens to deep browns, rich red to dusty pink and more -  all carefully chosen so that you can mix any Bemz product with another - even in different fabric types - and be confident that they’ll work well together in your home. Order your free velvet samples below - we’re sure it’ll be love at first sight (and touch!).