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Tones of Green & Blue

Green meets blue for an inspired match. We've combined new hues with vintage classics to create an elegant, cosmopolitan look.


Tones of Green and Blue


In the mood for green and blue

This season’s new tonal color scheme includes pale emerald, cool and yellowish greens accented with hues of blue. We imagine these fresh, modern shades from the same colour family mingling with classic interiors for an elegant and sophisticated look. Our inspiration comes from a dramatic contrast of basic and extravagant, vintage and new. Our new arrivals in the Tones of Green color scheme include Ivy Green, Tea Green and Steel Blue - all available in Panama Cotton.  


How to get the look

The ancient Swedish castle in our photoshoot provided the perfect backdrop to bring this Bemz Trend Report to life. Not only is it typically Scandinavian in a timeless way, but the rough green walls cement the basic rule of the Tones of Green trend: keep everything in shades of green and blue. By layering this tone-in-tone alongside classic environments and pieces, you can create the same stunning look at home. Here’s how: keep the walls, rugs, lighting and plants in the same family of colours. Use mostly solid shades of green but feel free to add contrast with an occasional surface print, such as Zinc Grey Betula. Go one step further by adding something shiny, like brass, against wood. Or add cotton cushions alongside velvet ones. Just remember to focus on layering shades of green when pulling this gorgeous look together and combine them with a complementary set of blues, such as Mineral Blue and Duck Egg to achieve this relaxed style.