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Swedish Grace

Create a sense of stylish serenity in your home that tempts your guests into extended visits. Our latest Trend Report shows you how.


Clean lines, natural shapes, understated tones

Renew simple and modern furniture with covers in subtle neutral tones. Pair them with classic pieces and valued collectors’ items such as 1950s vintage patterned textiles by Scandinavian designers. An inspiring house tour highlights beautifully handcrafted pottery and ceramics, lovely rugs, and wood furniture made of solid teak or bent wood. At the heart of the Swedish Grace style is a sense of calm makes your guests want to stay longer. A beige palette is endless and perfectly suited to creating the Swedish Grace look – use Sand Beige, Sage Brown, Ash Brown and Unbleached to achieve a calm, cosy look that exudes sophistication. Choose one nuance of beige and stay as close as possible to that particular hue. Then mix in fabrics in the same colour but with different textures to create movement and variation in your décor.


How to get the look

The living room will often play host to a Söderhamn, Karlanda or a Karlstad sofa, easily rearranged to suit any occasion and any room. Modular sofas, angular armchairs and cushions carefully piled high on the sofa convey a lounge feeling. Shiny, grainy or woody textures replace patterns. A hand-knotted rug completes the picture. The bedroom is a monochrome oasis in tones like Sand Beige or Sage Brown, with a Bemz bed skirt to complete the sophisticated look. An unusual, much loved object provides the finishing touch.

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