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Style Makeover: Summer Blues

The sky's clear. The water beckons. Bemz has you covered in blue, a classic Scandinavian summer colour and this season’s hottest shade.


Living rooms in blue

If it’s summer time in Scandinavia, you can usually count on a few things. Water, clear sunny skies and the beautiful colour they evoke: blue. This basic shade is a classic look in many Swedish summer homes. Many Scandinavians weave blue into their living spaces in various ways to capture the glorious mood of this most hotly anticipated of seasons. The most obvious location for a dose of blue is the living room. Whether you prefer a solid hue or a classic summer stripe, Bemz offers over 40 beautiful blue shades to make personalising your IKEA sofa or armchair as easy as a summer’s breeze.


Bedrooms + Guest Rooms in blue

Just because it’s hidden away doesn’t mean your bedroom or guest room should look any less gorgeous. Why not give your guests or your own sleep space a splash of this season’s hottest interiors colour? Blue is always the right choice for summer decorating, whether it’s to cover an IKEA headboard, footstool or daybed, or to give your bed just the right splash with a cushion cover,  bedskirt or bedspread. Connect yourself with the world outside your window from the moment you wake up - your day will be better for it!


Kitchen + Dining Rooms in blue

Your kitchen and dining room want in on the action too. Cover a chair or stool in a stylish, blue machine washable Bemz cover and even after the best of summer parties, they will look like new again (just in time for your next celebration).

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