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Style Makeover: Respect

Respect is an exclusive Bemz fabric made of 100% recycled material - including surplus cotton from the fashion industry. Eco-conscious? Design-savvy? Upcycling an IKEA model? Here are 4 ideas.

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Respect + the perfect trio

The Respect fabric shown here is Jet Black/Sand Beige Brinken Herringbone (try saying that quickly 3 times). We love to contrast the masculine brown tone in this weave with a feminine hit of pink. Rose Tegnér Melange is the Bemz take on this season’s obsession with dusty shades of pink. Combine it with brown and you’ll have a look that is both unique and spot on trend. Tie the look together by matching other elements in the room with tones of the same pink - as we’ve done here with the wall print and flower bouquet. Now you’ve got it - a perfect trio of structure, sustainable material and colour trend.

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Respect + Colour

Being kind to mother earth doesn’t always mean using earth tones. We’ve launched Respect in a new trend palette to let you love the planet in living colour. With modular/sectional IKEA sofas such as Vallentuna or Kivik, you can dare to cover different pieces with two or more colours to create a totally unique sofa. Here we've upped the wow factor by chosing two vibrant Respect colours in the same tones.

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Respect + stripes

Respect fabric is the perfect canvas for pinstripes so we’ve chosen a stripe on stripe theme with this look. Vreten Pinstripe Graphite Grey is our go-to choice here with its dark grey/light grey pinstripe effect. You can complete the theme by choosing a thinly striped rug in the same tones as the sofa cover. To update what would otherwise be a very classic look, we’ve added some earthy, natural elements to the room. The rattan table picks up the colour from our Tegner Melange Straw Yellow cushion cover and adds a perfect touch of warmth. The look is all about elegance that respects the environment - pure and simple.

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Respect + the mirror effect

With a bit of ingenuity and a Bemz cover, you can create an inexpensive yet elegant daybed (perfect for lounging by day, hosting guests by night). Start with an IKEA single bed (or thick mattress). Next, add a mattress topper. Cover both in Respect fabric - made of 100% recycled material - and elevate something very simple into a beautiful piece that you’ll be proud to have in your home. Here we’ve chosen a mirror effect using pinstripes. Simply use Vreten Pinstripe Graphite Grey (dark grey with light pinstripes) for the daybed cover. Then place a mattress topper on the daybed covered in its opposite - Vreten Pinstripe Silver Grey (light grey with graphite grey pinstripes). The final touch is a rug with wide pink stripes (to match the Rose Tegnér Melange cushion cover, of course). It’s an interesting and organised way of combining disorganised stripes. And more importantly, you’re ready to welcome overnight guests in high style.

Read more about how Respect is made here.