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An eye-popping IKEA makeover, featuring Bemz pure linen covers in 7 new, bright Designers Guild shades. Here are 3 simple yet sophisticated ways to mix colourful linen into your home.

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Pink + Loose Fit Linen

For a truly extreme makeover, we’ve chosen a Söderhamn covered in our Loose Fit Urban style to demonstrate the possibility of transforming an IKEA sofa beyond recognition (Gervasoni Ghost sofa lovers, prepare to swoon).  Söderhamn is the design lover’s sofa and we’ve used its customisation options to unique effect by removing one of its stylishly slim arms. Covered in Brera Lino Pearl - one of this spring’s new 100% pure linen shades from Designers Guild - this on-trend pink with white undertones contrasts nicely with its elegant, urban surroundings. We’ve used the spaciousness of the Söderhamn to create a cosy nest of cushions in a tonal scheme of crisp, cold pastels. This is a relaxed, elegant combination at its best - a light colour palette in fashionable pinks and yellow, mixed with a floor-draping linen style. Complete the look with a cool, light silver grey rug and clear glassware candles in the same light tones as the sofa.

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Blue + Classic

If IKEA’s Söderhamn appeals to the trendy set, Stocksund appeals to the those who love classic style. We’ve paired this elegant, traditional living room staple (Howard sofa lovers, take note) with the equally timeless yet snug and versatile IKEA Tullsta armchair. This blue tonal scheme in Brera Lino Kingfisher and Brera Lino Ink Blue - both 100% pure linen fabrics by Designers Guild - is a combination that works in any interior, including the modern room pictured here. Make the look sing with a low-slung coffee table and a pop of pink on both the cushion and vase.

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Green + Daybed

We can’t get enough of daybeds - this simple, practical solution involving a bed and a Bemz cover can work wonders in any space. Combine two beds with Bemz covers and you’ve got a spacious, stylishly relaxed sofa that can also double as a comfortable bed. Now add a Bemz cover in 100% pure linen Brera Lino Thyme by Designers Guild and boom - you’ve just created the world’s coolest looking corner sofa in this season’s hottest colour. If you’re like us and covet the earthy browns popping up everywhere, you can add plentiful cushions (a must for daybeds - in all shapes, sizes and textures) in shades such as Linara Peach Skin in Spice and Zaragoza Vintage Velvet in Acorn. These particular warm tones combined with shades of lush green are an unbeatable match. Add that extra special touch with natural wood and ceramic coffee table accessories to pick up the elements in this nature-inspired palette.