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Trend Report: Scandi Retro

Subtle colour in this season’s hottest shades meet modern Scandinavian style. Simply add a 70s twist for our latest trend report.


Colour + composition

This season’s hot colour story is an ode to shades of green, blue and dusty pink. We’ve brought them to life in a 70s era villa on a remote island in the Baltic sea. Its natural materials - such as stone and wood - are the perfect neutral background to showcase such vibrant hues. The colours complement the natural light found throughout the house to create a vivid impression and a subtle, harmonious look. This mixture of high fashion colours, bold yet serene prints and a nod to the 70s aesthetic creates an exciting and unexpected combination.


The right ingredients

To stage the Scandi Retro trend in all its glory, we’ve launched several new, fashionable colours in our Respect fabric (made of 100% recycled material). With its two-toned heavy-textured weave, Respect would’ve been right at home on the furniture of a typical 70s abode. We’ve also launched covers for Vallentuna - IKEA’s newest modular/sectional sofa. With its re-imagined 70s style, Vallentuna is the perfect series to capture this look. It’s both infinitely adaptable and easily personalised so you can mix and match its modules with different fabric covers to your heart’s content. We couldn’t resist adding an IKEA Poang armchair (celebrating its 40th birthday this year) and the low slung, functionally modern Soderhamn sofa - both enduring 70s furniture styles.


How to get the look

To get the Scandi Retro vibe, think elegant yet funky with Bemz covers in Respect shades of green, blue and dusty pink. Respect is at its best when combined with other materials - soft fabrics such as Chenille - to add an extra layer of interest, or when they’re mixed and matched with earth-toned stripes for a throwback to a bold hippie-chic aesthetic. Go for vibrant shades in the same colour family and don’t be afraid to throw some eclectic prints into the mix - especially on large pieces of furniture - to really work the trend.


Complete the look with your favourite handicrafts (think ceramics, rugs, glassware). Style your newly-covered IKEA furniture alongside mid-century Scandinavian pieces like lamps, corduroy chairs or a classic wooden sideboard. For a final touch, be sure to include bohemian plants and shiny retro materials like metal chair frames or table bases for a dash of 70s cool.