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Rustic Elegance

Tap into a trend that exudes equal parts rustic charm and classic elegance. It’s all about contrasting textures and shapes, then looking to nature for styling and colour cues.


Rustic + Elegant

Although the setting may be rustic, the interior has been given a layer of elegance by contrasting different fabric types and furniture shapes throughout the home. The red thread in each room is an aesthetic grounded in the use of nature's colours and materials and a blurring of lines between indoors and out.


The fabric is the thing

Textile lovers will adore this look for its subtle play of contrasting textures. Luxuriously tactile Tegnér Melange and smooth, luscious Velvet add a touch of sophistication. The look and feel of these different fabrics creates a subtle yet irresistible contrast. Although the home setting is somewhat simple and rustic, these exclusive fabrics elevate the interior.


The shape of things

The choice of different furniture styles adds yet more contrast. A home that plays the soft lines of IKEA’s new Färlöv (a curvaceous sofa sure to be an instant classic) or ever-popular Ektorp against the straight lines of Nockeby or Söderhamn creates a visual appeal that we simply can’t resist.


Nature’s Way

Contrasts are nice - especially so when unified by a good theme. In this case that theme is nature and it makes its way into our colour and material choices. Modern, earth toned fabrics such as ochre, terracotta, beige and green reflect the natural materials they come from -  rattan furniture, clay pottery, untreated wood and shrubs. This palette never ages and although it's perfect for summer, it's also warm enough for the darkest days of winter.


How to get the look

Choose an earthy palette such as the one curated here, and think about layering different fabric qualities to create a warm yet polished look. Blur the line between indoors and out by bringing natural hues and elements inside, and consider experimenting with typically indoor furniture in an outside setting (why not take your sofa outside on a sunny day?). Above all, keep the vibe relaxed and liveable to get the look right.