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Pop Graphic

Bemz creates a striking look of colour blocks and geometric shapes to redefine a cutting edge trend, inspired by the Memphis Group’s style.


Bold colours, bold shapes

Bemz has created the Pop Graphic look using a contrast of geometric objects and colour as its signature theme. The style is as far removed from nature as possible and always includes clean surfaces and a distinct lack of clutter. It’s structured, logical and organised but uses vibrant, playful colours to create an element of surprise and disorganisation. The key is to match geometric forms and to focus on colour blocking.


How to get the look

With this look, we imagined adapting an art installation for your home. Start with a bold palette to use in colour blocks - we chose yellow, orange, black, dark green and red.  Add patterns into the fabric mix such as block stripes of straight, sharp lines (we’ve created three new fabrics - Bromma Stripe in Jet Black & Caffe Latte and Brick Black -  to help you make the right choice). Next, go big on geometric shapes. Choose square-shaped furniture - we love IKEA’s Norsborg sofa for this look (but other blocky IKEA sofas would work well too including Karlstad, Klippan, Klappsta and Nils chairs). Be sure to keep surfaces clean, flat and functional. Choose at least three different colour blocking schemes and remember to keep your plants out of the room! For a finishing touch choose a rug that reminds you of a pop-art painting (albeit one placed on the floor!). This is a youthful look, perfect for the young and trendy at heart.

The inspiration behind Pop Graphic

In the early 1980s, a group of architects and designers based in Milan formed the Memphis Group to challenge the conventional world of interior design. They created a look based on bold colour and asymmetric shapes, inspired by art deco and pop art. Like all good things, their style has made a comeback as this season’s hottest look and we couldn’t resist drawing some inspiration from it for our Pop Graphic trend report.