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Trend Report: Nordic Sea

Lazy summer days reading books, eating ice cream and lounging on the beach. Create your own summer seaside feeling with our Nordic Sea Trend Report.


Nordic Sea


How to get the look

Key ingredients in this summer recipe are a couple of cans of paint, some new covers from Bemz, rough-hewn furniture and lots of plants in their verdant glory. From the colour of the walls to the sofa cover, a traditional naval theme is central to this look. To make this style your own, choose a colour from a limited palette of blues and greys and add touches of it throughout your room. Don’t forget your table and chair legs! Add splashes of your chosen colour to details and decorations to pull the look together. For the perfect Nordic Sea trend touch, Bemz has a stunning denim-inspired 100% linen called Strand Laundered Linen in Chambray Blue, made from a woven blue and white yarn.


Pictured above is our design team’s take on this trendy look: a sofa in Strand Laundered Linen Chambray Blue paired with a cushion cover in Vreta Gingham check.