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Trend Report: Nordic Blue

The Nordic Blue palette mixes blue on blue, in a wide spectrum of hues, from the deep cool blues of the sea to the lighter, wispy shades of the sky.


Nordic Blue


Inspired by the sea

It takes just a few cool accents on a restrained palette to create the overall effect of a Nordic Blue room. Peaceful backgrounds of blues and whites carry a light, relaxed air, brought to life by splashes of pattern in stripes and checks. Natural fibres like cotton and washed linen bring nature inside, softening the overall ambiance. Nordic Blue takes inspiration from a colour palette awash with sea, sky and sand. Softer shades of blue make a room tranquil and relaxing, while brighter ultramarines revitalize and renew. Nordic Blue creates a serene summer retreat, with a relaxed off-season look that works all year round.


How to get the look

To get this look right, keep the living room an airy oasis, with a few well-appointed details and keep your furnishings sparse and functional. From worn oak floors to an old dresser with knots and imperfections, we’ve combined wood and other natural design elements together to bring the outside in. The striped accent cushions on an Unbleached Linen sofa cover are reminiscent of deep seas and endless horizons. We’ve brought the look together with fresh flowers and potted plants, adding personality and an outside feel to the room. The bedroom is a blue and white sanctuary, with crisp linens and light wood. A bedskirt and throw pillows pick up the calm blue colour theme in a variety of shades, and the walls are sparsely decorated with a vintage patina mirror and black and white photographs.