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Cushions - styled five ways

Need an easy instant room makeover? Indulge in Bemz cushion therapy! Here are five looks to instantly transform your home.



Our Playground Lifestyle centers around a graphic black/white contrast. Keep your base calm by choosing a white sofa cover, then mix and match black and white cushions with bright colours like Mandarin Orange, Sun Yellow, True Blue and Grass Green. Try injecting some pattern as well with Stockholm Stripe Jet Black for a classic stripe pattern, or Coconut Grove Black & White for a more organic style. Remember to keep it playful!


Scandinavian Country

Our Scandinavian Country Lifestyle combines cushions in natural fabrics with embroidered vintage or delicately patterned ones. The key is to use a lot of them, in a variety of sizes. The colour palette should be light and soft, focussing on light pinks, various shades of white, pale yellows and blues. Match the cushions with a soft blanket or a quilt with a floral design. Perfect style for those who love fixing up old flea market finds.   


Urban Living

Our Urban Living Lifestyle, characterised by straight lines and orderliness, focuses on a few carefully chosen cushions in a strict, planned order - maximum 4 cushions on a 3-person sofa for a clean look. The lines are straight and the cushions should be square and rectangular. Choose solid-coloured cushions in different textures to create exciting yet calming contrasts. A pattern can work if it’s a classic vintage design or the latest design in the season’s brightest colours.



Our Bohemian Lifestyle, based on a look of exciting clashes, needs plenty of cushions. A 3-seater sofa should have at least five or six! The sizes and shapes should vary, with a mix of round, square and oblong cushions. Pick out three of your favourite colours and combine cushions in a variety of lighter and darker hues of those shades. This will give you the right Bohemian feel without cluttering the look.


Simple Life

In the true spirit of our Simple Life Lifestyle which is based on a look in harmony with nature, cushions serve a practical function, whether to add softness to a bench or provide a seat on the floor. The colour range is limited to calm, natural tones, avoiding stark contrasts. You can’t go wrong by choosing a cohesive palette, with one or a few colours, such as grey, white or neutrals. Rather than pairing colours and patterns, the Simple Life style focuses on blending textures, ideally cotton combined with linen.