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Trend Report: Creative Bohemian

Our Creative Bohemian Trend Report takes cues from designer objects and vintage finds to create an eclectic blend - using a mix of textures, colours, styles and fabrics.


Creative Bohemian


Lovely & lived-in

The Creative Bohemian home mixes and matches funky fabrics, furniture styles, homespun art, vintage favourites and textured accents. Every single piece is chosen with love and thoughtfully placed. Lush textures and pattern clashes come together in a rich rhapsody of colour and brocade. Dirty pastels are accented by bold neon colours and familiar items are given new uses in imaginative ways. Antique mirrors and an old crystal chandelier hang side by side. Modern iconic design is mixed with treasures from around the world. The true basis of this style is whatever makes your home feel comfortable and relaxed, reflecting your life and travels.


How to get the look

To get this look, we’ve started with a white lacquer table in the unpretentious kitchen to add a modern feel then added mismatched vintage chairs in vinyl, textile and wood. Keep the dining room/workspace neutral, with Henriksdal and Nils chairs in light pastel covers and geometric retro patterns to add texture and movement. Patterns and hues clash in organized disarray in the living room, where a sofa in a Tegnér Melange Mineral Blue cover looks cosy and inviting with cushions in all shapes and sizes. The palette can either be light or dark but on the softer side. The lighter palette features warm colours like Silver Grey, Burnt Orange and Rose. The darker palette includes hues like Moss Green and Chocolate Brown teamed with Ink Blue. Use cushions and textiles from a shared palette to inject pattern and interest. Linens, Tegnér Melange and plush Chenille are our favourites for adding texture.


The bedroom is a colourful yet calm oasis, with a Bemz bed skirt adding understated elegance. Colour is everywhere in this playful, eclectic style – on the walls, floor and furniture. Well thought out colour combinations keep the space visually balanced. Playing with different textiles, textures and colours is the key to the Creative Bohemian trend.