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Compact Living

Optimise your compact or open plan living space with multifunctional furniture and clever décor tweaks. Bemz shares the top tips and tricks to show you how.


Compact Living Tips & Tricks

Decorate with mirrors to make a space brighter and lighter. Use a bookcase or dresser to separate one functional area from another.  Hang floating shelves to showcase your favourite prints and personal mementos.  Light wood floors, white walls and ceilings make a room appear larger than it really is.  Compact spaces look especially stylish with fabrics, finishes and colours that have a pop of red, green, blue and black. This brings harmony to a room furnished with simple yet iconic Scandinavian furniture for a cosy yet uncluttered look.


How to get the look

For those of you who live in compact or multi-purpose spaces, there’s a lot you can do to make your space both functional and chic.  IKEA excels at affordable, multifunctional furniture which you can tweak using Bemz covers. Klippan is one of our favourites because it carries off our designer patterns so beautifully, making it simple for your sofa to be the centerpiece of your room. Or you can turn your bed into a practical and beautiful daybed with the help of a stylish Bemz cover, then add throw cushions to create a modern sofa look.  The versatile Beddinge sofa bed, Skruvsta swivel chair, Pällbo footstools are flexible pieces that can help optimise corners and nooks. The petite sofa bed Hagalund is the perfect choice for a smaller room, piled with decorative cushions for a personal touch.


Good things come in small packages

Remember that small or awkward spaces can be transformed through innovative use of light, openness and visual harmony. Room size doesn’t have to limit functionality or style - it can in fact inspire unique and surprising design solutions. These are just a few ideas from the Bemz design team to get you started.