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Tips & Tricks: Holiday Season

Already dreaming of the festive season? We’ve got easy, elegant and timeless ideas to get your home in the holiday spirit.



The holiday season means different things to different people but one thing everyone can agree on is that it’s a time for feasting. Your food might be the star attraction of a meal shared with loved ones but you know that your guests aren’t just coming over to eat, right? Set the right mood for the occasion without too much fuss or stress with a simple trick - dining chair covers. Whether you’re covering IKEA dining chairs such as the Henriksdal in this photo or even a non-IKEA chair with one of our adaptable Multi Fit covers, Bemz offers an array of fabric qualities - from classic linen to hard-wearing cotton. Your little niece spilled gravy on her seat? No problem - the covers are machine washable so you’ll be ready to host again the very next day.


Time to embrace your much needed holiday break with a cosy nap by the fire or curled up with a good book. The best, easiest and most fun way to update and enhance the cosiness of any home for the festive season (or any time of year for that matter) is with cushions. You don’t necessarily need to redecorate your entire living room to create a holiday feeling. Make your own holiday magic by covering some cushions in the festive palette of your choice. Our top tip is to layer different textures by choosing a variety of fabric qualities. Our new and ultra soft velvet contrasts beautifully with more textured fabrics like our contemporary Respect collection, made of 100% recycled material.


For those who really want to up their holiday decor ante, give your IKEA sofa a complete Christmas makeover with a festive slipcover. Whether you choose a luxe dark green velvet as we’ve done here or prefer something more subtle in tones of silver or white, or more eye-popping (red velvet anyone?), you’re guaranteed to make an impression.


It’s all in the details, isn’t it? Set your holiday table beautifully and it almost doesn’t matter what you serve for Christmas dinner. Choose from our hundreds of fabrics - which we sell by the meter - to use as a tablecloth. With any leftover material you can cut your own cloth napkins to match (simply throw both in the wash at the end of the party). Add your favourite candles and a centerpiece, then stand back while everyone gushes about your impressive hosting skills.