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Style Makeover: Red, White & Blue Archipelago

Red, white and blue nautical themes are a classic summer look. This makeover gives the look a Swedish archipelago twist - Bemz style.


Living rooms in red, white & blue

The combination of red, white and blue is a classic summer interior look in many parts of the world and Sweden is no exception. The inspiration comes from the colours of flags (hello America, bonjour France). We’ve created this style makeover with a nautical theme in mind but have updated it to reflect that special coastal feeling found in the Stockholm Archipelago - a group of 30,000 islands and islets which form the summer playground of many Swedes who have a cottage (or dream of owning one) there. Start with your living room - your hub of entertainment. Be sure to include red, white and blue striped covers - on your sofa, cushions or curtains - and you’ll be off to a good start.


Bedrooms in red, white & blue

Whether it’s a guest room or your own bedroom, the Archipelago makeover will give any bedroom an instantly fresh, cool, seaside feeling. Your primary focus should be on white - whether it’s whitewashed walls and rough wooden floors, or crisp white or unbleached bedding. Natural, relaxed linen is the perfect fabric for any bedroom and we have an array of red, white and blue hues to choose from. Complete the room by adding bursts of red and occasionally beige accents (solids or stripes). The key to this makeover is to stick to the palette throughout the room, and not to add any other colours.


Dining rooms in red, white & blue

Take the indoors outside when you eat. A striped red tablecloth made of machine washable, durable Panama Cotton fabric by the meter can instantly spruce up any table. Cover your benches in plenty of striped cushions - just be sure to maintain the nautical colour scheme. If you have any white rattan furniture, this is the right time to take it outside. You can keep a set of dining chair covers in your favourite shades of blue, red and white. Alternate covers between gatherings while you have one set in the wash and you’ll be ready to host again at a moment’s notice.