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Bemz Products: Fabrics

Tegnér Melange

This luxurious fabric - made of a multi-tone weave of cotton, linen and viscose - is available in a range of fashion-forward colours.


Why Tegnér Melange?

Tegnér Melange’s luxurious textured structure allows you to choose a solid that has the visual presence of a patterned fabric. The multi-tone yarns give a melange effect and a diffused look to the fabric, making it easier to get a strong colour into your home without overpowering the room.


Go for an upgrade

Upgrade your IKEA sofa, chairs and armchairs from everyday practicality to everyday luxury with Tegnér Melange - a textured cotton blend fabric (made of cotton/linen/viscose) created with the highest-quality multi-tone weave. When used in curtains or on cushion covers, Tegnér Melange’s unique texture creates a bold yet classic style. Aside from its tailored look, we love this fabric because it's so forgiving of daily wear and tear (even though you can of course throw it in the wash whenever you like).


As with every textile we design, we take great care with our colour choices, so that you can mix any Bemz product with another - even if they aren’t the same fabric type - and be confident that they will work well together in your home.