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One of our best-selling fabrics of all time, covers made in Bemz Unbleached fabric are as versatile and beautiful as they are natural.


Unprocessed. Untreated. Undyed.

Our covers made of Unbleached fabrics have been a Bemz best-seller for over 10 years precisely for what they’re not - they contain no dyes, no chemical processes, no treatments. What they are: 100% natural and versatile enough to fit any style of interior - from ultra urban to country vintage and everything in between.  Unbleached is popular because it fits anywhere so beautifully. Think of our Unbleached fabric the way you would a fine bottle of wine - depending on the soil type, climate and region where the cotton is grown, you’ll end up with a uniquely natural colour and weave.


Favourite fabrics - Unbleached

Unbleached covers for sofas, armchairs and a variety of other IKEA furniture are available in four fabric qualities:

Belgian Linen Blend Unbleached
Unbleached in Belgian Linen Blend is a 50/50 combination of natural cotton and natural linen. This gives the fabric a uniquely structured two-tone weave interesting to the eye and touch.

Rosendal Pure Washed Linen Unbleached
For linen lovers, Unbleached is available in Rosendal Pure Washed Linen (for a soft yet heavier texture and more naturally occurring colour imperfections - perfect for the Loose Fit look).

Brera Lino Natural
It’s also available in Brera Lino Linen by Designers Guild (for a finer, more structured texture). And like your favourite pair of jeans, our linens get softer and more lived in with each wash.