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Made of velvet yarn and available in many fashionable Bemz colours, Chenille will add ultra-soft luxury to your favourite IKEA model.


Why Chenille?

Here’s a fun little fact: chenille is the French word for caterpillar whose ultra soft fur the yarn is supposed to resemble. At Bemz, our soft, cosy, luxurious Chenille is a velvet-like fabric that’s as beautiful as it is durable. Throw it in the wash whenever needed and it will still maintain it’s smooth sheen and velvety texture.


Go for an upgrade

Available in 12 lush colours and made of velvet yarn, Chenille has a soft look and feel that will transform your favourite IKEA sofa, chair, armchair, daybed or bed skirt into an original, sophisticated and fashion forward piece of furniture.  Bemz offers Chenille in 5 different fits: Regular Fit, Regular Fit long skirt, Multi Fit, Loose Fit Urban and Loose Fit Country.  And as with every textile we design, we take great care with our colour choices, so that you can mix any Bemz product with another - even different fabric types - and be confident that they will work well together in your home.