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Bemz Lifestyle guide

Urban Living

Calling all urbanites! The Urban Living Lifestyle is perfect for city dwellers in smaller living spaces who love contemporary design.


Urban Living


 Minimalism with a soul

Our Urban Living Lifestyle is edgy, modern and minimalist but has soul and attitude. It relies on a mix of textures to add depth and interest to its classy modern interior. A typical living room has an obvious focal point - an entertainment center, an oversized work of art or a vast bookshelf - and will use textured accessories to soften dark accents and inject gloss, pattern and definition.  A functional dining room’s crisp and clean furniture can be warmed up with textured fabric. An Urban Living bedroom is beautiful to look at and relaxing to sleep in - they are typically highly-polished and chic with a hit of soothing textures and colours. Elegant and airy, Urban Living is flexible contemporary design with heart.


How to get the look

To get the Urban Living look, get ready to explore the world of textured fabrics. These will soften any hard edges in your modern, minimalist space. For a dark palette, look to blacks, charcoals, greys and deep indigo blues to create a chic, sophisticated feel, then soften and define it with subtle patterns, like plaid. Choose tone on tone colours and add definition with textured fabrics such as Raffia and Tegnér Melange. It’s not all dark though - the Urban Living Lifestyle calls out for a few earthy colours to be added for punch, like Burnt Orange, Bamboo Green and Teal Blue. If you prefer a light colour palette, use doses of pattern from the same tones to get an equally cool and modern interior. This option relies more on light greys, unbleached linens, natural tones and soft whites to create a balanced, structured space. Accessorise with accents of metal, glass and concrete to create a perfect balance of dark and light, textured and smooth, elegance and structure for a chic and serene look.

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