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Bemz Lifestyle guide

Bohemian Chic

The Bohemian Chic Lifestyle is for detail-lovers with an eclectic but sophisticated sensibility - an elegant tableau to display treasures from around the world.


Bohemian Chic


An eclectic mix of old and new

With the Bohemian Chic look, modern iconic designs sit confidently next to antique classics for an impulsive flair - think 50s style bureau from Denmark accessorised with vintage finds from Paris. Mismatched plastic, textile and wood dining room chairs, glossy and matte alike, would fit perfectly around a table. With the Bohemian Chic Lifestyle, you can style a sofa with solid coloured, patterned and embroidered cushions without any feeling of clutter. The Bohemian Chic home is for someone with an urban bohemian attitude and style.


How to get the look

The key to getting the Bohemian Chic look right is to focus on one prefered colour palette - either dark or light - but to always keep the tone soft. If you prefer a darker palette, choose purple tones like Aubergine and Fuchsia, teamed with Mocha and Sage Brown, as well as greys and blacks; especially textured fabrics like Graphite Grey Belgian Linen Blend and Jet Black Raffia.  Inject pattern and interest by using cushions from a shared colour palette such as Stockholm Stripe Sage / Black or New Baroque - Chocolate Brown. Bohemian Chic’s lighter palette includes pastels such as Tea Green, Lavender, Vanilla Yellow and Dusty Rose. Be sure to include classic warm whites and neutral beiges like Soft White, Sand Beige to create harmony and calm. Introduce unexpected details and colours such as Teal Blue and New Baroque Chocolate Brown on cushions to add interest and depth. To pull the Bohemian Chic look together, play with different kinds of textiles and don’t be afraid to make a statement, like mixing and matching a variety of fabrics on one piece of furniture. For this, you can choose textured fabrics such as Belgian Linen Blend, Rosendal Pure Washed Linen, Tegnér Melange and plush Chenille cottons.

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