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Viola Gråsten

Textile designer Viola Gråsten was born in Finland and moved to Sweden in 1945. Towards the end of the 1940s her patterns began winning international acclaim.


Floral Art

Viola Gråsten’s glowing range of colours became known as ”Gråsten-colours” and have become one of the trademark signatures of a Gråsten design. Her work was also often bold and geometric, with a very personal style that often drew inspiration from nature. Her patterns are still extremely popular amongst collectors and design enthusiasts.


Hästakastanj & Trianglar

Bemz has chosen the subtly sophisticated and neutral Hästkastanj (horse chestnut), and the more contemporary and geometric Trianglar (Triangles) as part of our 20th Century Designers collection. We are very proud to offer them as part of the Bemz range.

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