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The Bemz Design Award 2016

The Bemz Design Award supports textile designers of the future.

  • Prizes - public entries

    What are the prizes for the public?

    Prizes - public entries
    The entry with the most votes will:
    1.  see his/her design fully developed and produced, available for purchase as any of the products available at
    2.  earn 3% royalties made from any and all interior textile products sold to customers via in fabrics depicting his/her winning design.
    3.  have their design introduced into the ranks of the Bemz Designer Collection alongside such creative powerhouses as Designers Guild and Marimekko.
    4.  have his/her winning design on display in the Bemz Inspiration Store in Stockholm for and featured on the Bemz homepage and Facebook page for millions to see.

    For the Voters:
    Everyone who votes in the BEMZ PEOPLE’S CHOICE competition will have their name put into a draw-to-win prize from Bemz.

  • Prizes - student entries