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What are the participating schools?

  • From The United Kingdom
  • From Germany

    Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau / Department of Applied Arts Schneeberg
    The opportunities offered at the Department of Applied Arts Schneeberg at “Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau” include experimental open spaces and a focus on craftsmanship and industry. With this concept, graduates are exposed to a broad range of activities within textile arts and design. The combination of design quality, creativity and technology and various design techniques enable individual and creative identities.
    Collaborating with businesses is an important part of this training. Design focuses on wood, textile and fashion.
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    Modedesignschule Manuel Fritz in Mannheim
    The understanding and creation of fashion: The “Modedesignschule Manuel Fritz” in Mannheim is a state-approved business college for fashion and design offering individual supervision and practical relevance in spacious studios kitted with modern equipment to enable creative flow. The school’s students are professionally trained to work across all facets of the fashion industry, from illustration to realisation. In addition to the focus on artistic and creative skills, the school also offers technical innovation such as 3D clothing simulation for virtual fittings. The 3-year course culminates in an impressive fashion show.
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    Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode Designschule München
    Based in Munich, the “Meisterschule für Mode Designschule München” is a centre of competence for creative education and further training in fashion and communication design. Design is the process by which our world gains form and function – it includes the design of products and processes of communication. A traineeship at the “Berufsfachschule für Kommunikationsdesign” provides the necessary education and working experience to enable students to create visual communication for various media, to autonomously conceive and schedule complex design projects and to professionally produce design objects.
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  • From France
  • From Sweden