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What are the participating schools?

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    L’ESAAT – École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et du Textile
    L’ESAAT – École Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et du Textile – located in the centre of Roubaix, has a rich old tradition in teaching applied arts and is the only public institution in the region exclusively dedicated to this subject. The two-year Fashion and Textile Design course focused on Textiles / Materials / Surfaces, encourages both industrial and artisanal applications to areas such as clothing, accessories, home and automotive. Theoretical, practical and philosophical teachings are included in the structure of the course to ensure cross-cultural teachings. Flexible practical experience combined with an introduction to field-relevant technologies are established for the student designers.
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    Ecole Supérieure D’Art Françoise Conte
    L’Ecole supérieure d’art Françoise Conte has specialised in textile design and fashion since 1949, offering creative and professional training catering to the needs of fashion, luxury and textiles companies with a specific focus on meeting the needs of professionals.
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    L’École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de LYON
    The National School of Fine Arts in Lyon is located at Subsistances, a venue dedicated to culture and artistic production, training students in the fields of art and design, including the three-year program dedicated to textiles. With a very graphic orientation and creativity at its foundation, the course focuses on textile design through various mediums (fabric, wallpaper, ceramics) in areas as diverse as clothing, furniture, and objects. Theoretical and practical studies highlight the aesthetic, sociological and technical creation of “textiles” and making them a reality. The National Diploma in Art and Technical Training has a two pronged objective: the acquisition of techniques essential for professional registration and the development of a portfolio of work. The degree can act as a step toward further fashion and design studies in France or abroad, or can result in immediate employment.
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    Ecole Duperré
    Ecole Duperré prepares students for careers in fashion and textiles, including textile crafts (embroidery, weaving and tapestry) and ceramic, as well as in space and design.
    With a focus on innovation and creativity through independent and disciplined work, students are supported throughout a dynamic, risk-taking journey of discovery supported by a team of involved, demanding and caring teachers.

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    ENSAAMA – Olivier de Serres
    ENSAAMA was jointly created by the School of Arts and Crafts, founded in 1941 and the School of Applied Arts for Industry, founded in 1922 – two excellent schools.
    Focused on three areas of design: visual and audio visual communication, product design, living and the environment, its teachings combines artistic and professional culture, emphasising creativity and technical expertise.
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