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Meet the judges

  • From The United Kingdom
  • From Germany
  • From France
  • From Sweden

    Jacob Hertzell
    Jacob Hertzell is a well-recognised stylist, interior designer and design writer with a degree from Beckmans School of Design and Stockholm University. He works as a freelancer for editorial magazines like Residence and The Wall Street Journal, and companies like IKEA and one of Sweden’s most prestigious design shops, Svenskt Tenn. He has put together design and architectural exhibitions, created radio shows about design and interiors for Sveriges Radio (Sweden’s national radio broadcasting system) and continuously works on interior design projects with different Swedish designers and companies. [email protected]

    Maria Soxbo
    Maria Soxbo is a freelance writer and blogger. In 2007 she started Husligheter, a blog about interior design. Previously, Maria worked as editor in chief for two lifestyle/fashion magazines and as the acting editorial director for Swedish ELLE.

    Her most recent work includes editorial pieces for Styleby, Svenska Dagbladet, ELLE, Mama, Family living and Scandinavian Traveler.

    Saša Antić
    Saša Antić is a interior stylist. He divides his time between Stockholm and New York, but works all over the world.

    As long as I can remember I had a significant love for all kinds of photography and art. My identity has always been to guide, inspire and to tell a visual story in my work. My inspiration comes from all different corners. Art, travel, movies, music, nature and people I admire and love.