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The Bemz Design Award 2016

The Bemz Design Award supports textile designers of the future.


    How are the winners chosen?

    Student entries from each country will be considered by a national panel of judges (coming soon) who will decide on three finalists to represent their country. The creative team at Bemz will review the public entries to determine which three finalists will move onto the competition.

    The public will then decide which of the three finalists’ entries are their favourites through a voting process. This will be actively promoted by Bemz, the schools and even the panel of judges. Entrants can also invite friends and followers to take part by voting on the Bemz website.

    The finalist from the public track with the most votes will win the public track of the BEMZ DESIGN AWARD.

    The student finalist with the most votes from each of the four participating countries will win the BEMZ PEOPLE’S CHOICE competition for their country and move onto the international final for a chance to be the grand prize winner of the BEMZ DESIGN AWARD. Their entries will be put to an international panel of judges, made up of one member from each participating country’s national panel of judges plus the Bemz creative team, who will determine the ultimate winner of the BEMZ DESIGN AWARD. The winner will be announced in May 2016.

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