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Bemz Curtains Guide

Custom sewn curtains are available in the same beautiful array of textiles as Bemz design covers. We offer 3 different heading styles.

  • Start by measuring your window (naturally!).

     •    Our curtain dimensions always follow ‘width x length’ sizing in centimetres. For example, the size 140 x 250 cm is the measurement for a curtain that is 140 cm wide and 250 cm long.

        •    Although our fabrics come in varying widths (140-150 cm), we always utilise the maximum width when sewing curtains. This means curtain widths may vary by +/- 5 cm from the ordered size. This will not affect the appearance or use of the curtains.


        •    If you have an existing curtain rod or track, use it as a measurement guide for your curtain width, then add a further 10 cm onto the total in order to ensure they overlap in the middle and keep the light out when your curtains are closed.


        •    For curtains that should just cover the length of the window, add 2 cm to the measured length of the window.

        •    Floor length curtains should ideally finish 1-2cm above the floor.

        •    For extra drama, add approximately 20 cm to the curtain length so excess fabric can bunch on the floor.

  • Colour coordinated products
    •    All Bemz curtains are made from machine washable, high quality fabrics, with a focus on 100% natural materials. 
        •    Colour coordinating your curtains with the rest of your furniture is easy because our curtains are made with the same fabric used for our slipcovers and cushion covers.
        •    Curtains play important functional roles in the home: they maintain privacy, keep light out and offer a level of soundproofing. The tight weave and extra high quality of Bemz fabrics makes them ideally suited to these roles.
        •    Bemz curtains are also great in doorways or as a room divider because our fabrics are heavier than those used for many other curtains.
        •    Bemz curtains are not lined.
        •    Many (but not all) of our curtains are double sided (have the same fabric quality on both sides). To be sure, contact our customer service team to enquire.

    Curtains with printed designs
        •    Fabrics on which designs have been printed generally have a solid off-white colour on the back. 
        •    Large patterned curtains will always have the pattern run horizontally to give them a harmonious look.
    Tips and Care Instructions
        •    All Bemz fabrics for curtains have been pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage with washing. Despite this fact, a small degree of shrinkage will still occur when washing 100% natural fabrics.
        •    Add 3% (= 3 cm/metre) to the required width and length of your curtains when placing your order if you want to account for this.
        •    Top tip: Freshen your curtains quickly and easily by airing and shaking them out.

  • Heading Tape
        •    Heading Tape Curtains use a band of fabric that is threaded with drawstring.
        •    Neat gathers of fabric are created by attaching curtain hooks through the heading tape and using the drawstrings, perfect for relaxed to formal settings.
        •    The curtains can hang on a curtain track using 7 cm long hooks (e.g., IKEA’s RIKTIG curtain hooks) or on a curtain rod using rings for curtain hooks (e.g., IKEA’s SYRLIG curtain rings with clips and hooks).
        •    To fit our heading tape curtains, use standard 7 cm hooks

    Eyelet Top
        •    Eyelet Top Curtains are characterised by their metal edged holes that run horizontally across the top of the fabric.
        •    Suitable for contemporary settings, Eyelet Top curtains can only be used with a curtain rod.

    Rod Pocket
        •    Rod Pocket Curtains have a sleeve of fabric at the top of the curtain which is slid onto the curtain rod. The stitched rod pocket is 8 cm wide to fit a variety of curtain rod sizes.
        •    Rod Pocket Curtains are wonderfully versatile and suitable for both relaxed and formal settings. They can be used with a curtain rod, wire or attached to curtain rings with clips.