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Bed Frame Covers

Beauty sleep redefined: elevate your IKEA bed frame with a design cover, available in hundreds of beautiful fabrics.

     Bed frame covers for discontinued IKEA Vanvik, Florö and Grimen beds

    You can no longer buy IKEA Vanvik beds, IKEA Grimen beds and IKEA Florö beds (they’re discontinued) but they were built to last and if you still have one, you may now be in need of a new fabric cover for the bed frame. Bemz makes replacement IKEA Florö bed frame covers, Grimen bed frame cover and Vanvik bed frame covers. Our Florö bed frame covers come in 160cm/63 in and 180cm/71 in sizes. Our Vanvik bed frame covers come in 140cm/55 in, 160cm/63 in and 180/71 in sizes. Our IKEA Vanvik bed frame covers are either available with a long skirt or in our Regular Fit, which resembles the original style of the IKEA fabric cover. All Bemz bed frame covers are machine washable and easy to slip on and off with velcro.

    Bemz bed frame covers

    Available in hundreds of colours and in an array of fabric qualities, including pure linen, 100% cotton and velvet, Bemz design covers for IKEA bed frames will raise your bed’s design game and make it look much more expensive than it actually is. What’s more, Bemz makes an array of bedroom accessories, such as curtains, bedspreads, bedskirts and headboard covers - all of which can be colour coordinated with your choice of bed frame cover. It’s an original, simple and highly stylish design choice that won’t break the bank. What’s more, Bemz covers for IKEA bed frames are a choice that you can feel good about. Rather than throw away a perfectly good bed, you can give it a new life and a new look with a Bemz design cover. All of our covers are sewn to order in a European factory, where we personally know our seamstresses and their work environment (which is governed by EU labour and environmental law). And all of our fabrics are hand selected with great care in order to offer you a high design, high quality cover that will beautify your home for years to come - that’s why we guarantee our products for three years.