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Hostess with the mostest: tips for overnight guests

No guest room - no trouble, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to make your guests as comfortable as can be. Here’s the low-down on how to be a gracious host minus the sweat.


The idea of having overnight guests is great - the cuppa cocoa, the matching pjs - we get it. While the PG 13 version is undoubtedly charming, the reality might not be. Let’s be honest. No matter how much you love ‘em, hosting friends and family can be stressful and a bit of a squeeze - both financially and physically. However, there’s no need to disinvite them altogether - we’ve got a few budget-friendly tricks up our sleeve. Here’s the low-down on how to be a gracious host minus the sweat.

First things first, don’t overlook the most basic host rules; make sure your home is clean - a no brainer really. Provide the necessities; address (duh), an extra set of keys and these days perhaps most importantly, the Wifi password. Secondly, your guests do not want to sleep in used sheets. No, never, no go. So do your laundry - that includes towels. Invest in a set of quality bedding that’ll last for years and can handle hard wear (we’ve gushed about of love of linen previously). Once the basics are covered, it’s easy to wow your guests and give them the five star treatment.

Even if you don’t have a guest bedroom it’s easy to create a luxurious hotel vibe with a few space-saving tricks. Enter the sofa bed, once abhorred and avoided at all costs, now a compact-living blessing in disguise (pun intended) and oh-so-comfy. Nor do you have to forgo style completely; some of IKEA’s most designer-savvy sofas serve double duty like the Karlstad, Karlanda and Söderhamn. With their modern, clean lines and timeless feel you’d never guess these beauties are actually sleeper sofas. Complete the look with a Bemz cover in on-trend linen or glamorous velvet.

The popular corner sofa siblings; Friheten and Månstad boast a lounge-friendly chaise longue, that doubles as a practical storage space for duvets, pillows and that Bemz bedspread and can easily be converted into an uber-comfortable guest bed - double whammy.


For contemporary appeal create your own daybed with a single mattress base or box spring and top if off with a mattress or two. Keep it chic with tonal shades or make a statement with vibrant patterns and colour-popping hues - perfect for lounging and sleepovers.

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: cushions are the easiest way to update a look. And as an added bonus throw pillows are actually secret storage pockets; remove the insert and stuff ‘em with all those extra towels, blankets and bedding you need, but never seem to find the room for and - voila. Oh, and have we mentioned how easy it is to magically make all that clutter under your bed disappear? Why a bed skirt of course!

Room dividers are no-fuss means of creating the illusion of privacy, great for studio apartments and open plan rooms - especially when entertaining out-of-towners. Select your choice of fabric by the metre (think pops of colour or tactile textures) to hang in a doorway or from the ceiling as a temporary, yet chic partition.

Go the extra mile to show your guests that you’re excited to have them. Nail that hotel feel, transform a side table into a bedside table by adding a scented candle, water carafe and a stack of fresh magazines. Stock up the fridge, show ‘em the ropes and - mi casa su casa.