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Bemz Unique Fits

Did you know that with a Bemz cover, you can choose a specific fit for your IKEA sofa, armchair or chair too? Combine your favourite Bemz fabric (we’ve got hundreds of them) with one of our 4 different fits to create a style that is truly unique to you and your home.

Regular Fit

Our most popular covers are sewn to fit your IKEA furniture snugly. You’ll recognise the look since we’ve chosen to create our covers in the same design as the IKEA originals. We’ve obviously put extra care into the seams and details, such as including zippers and velcro, as well as with the fit. Perfect for current and discontinued IKEA models alike.

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Loose Fit

A new style of cover for those who like simple elegance and innovative design. Loose Fit covers are sewn with a slightly looser fit and less detail than our usual covers. Visible seams and a finer weave give the cover a sculptural form that transforms your IKEA furniture into a new modern piece.

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Regular Fit with long skirt

The same as our Regular Fit with (you guessed it!) a long skirt. Exclusive to Bemz, this style is great if you want to create a cosier feel without sacrificing contemporary elegance...or simply for hiding unsightly legs.

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Multi Fit

If you have an IKEA sofa or armchair that Bemz doesn’t cover, or if you have an entirely different brand of furniture, then Multi Fit is for you. This sofa cover is made from one piece of fabric and is fitted to your specific piece of furniture with corner ties. The cover is draped over the whole sofa and tucked in around the seat and back cushions.  

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