Indulge your retro design nostalgia by making your sofa the centrepiece of your living space, with soft textured fabrics in rich moody colours.

Caring for your new covers

All Bemz covers have been designed to withstand everyday life and last for years.  The covers in the Moody Seventies Collection are all machine washable at 30 degrees, using a gentle cycle, max 400 rpm. Do not bleach. Wash inside out, closing any zippers first. Stretch gently while wet. Only dry clean fabrics that specifically allow it.  Do not tumble dry. Covers can be line-dried or dry flat as specified. They should only dry in the shade. Only iron fabrics variants that allow it, and then iron only in accordance with specific instructions, on low or medium, and only on the designated side.  Finally, be mindful of the environment and extend the life of your Bemz covers by only washing them when absolutely necessary, try spot-cleaning first. 

Caring for your new covers


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