It's the cover that makes the difference.

There’s no doubt we can express our creativity through interior design and simultaneously be kind to the planet. It’s a simply win-win situation when you decide to update your old IKEA sofa with a personalised cover instead of buying an entirely new sofa.

More personality less waste.

Sample what we do.

Browse through the fabric and colour options and select 5 “maybes” you’d like to handle and get a feel for. We will send you those swatches free of charge. Once you’ve settled on something, simply order it for your sofa model and let us do the rest. It’s an easy – even fun – way to recreate what you already have.

Choose 5 free swatches

Everybody wins.

We all love the feeling of brand new. But we also love what is familiar and comfortable. So why not keep your old IKEA sofa that feels like home and renew it with one of our made-to-order, machine washable covers? Whichever new cover you decide on, you’ll love the new look and the planet will love you for making a win-win design choice.

Browse SOFA covers

An easy change to make.

Maybe you’ve never changed your furniture cover before and feel a bit uncertain about it. Well, don’t worry; it really is very easy to do. We’ll show you the 3 simple steps to remove the old and slip on the new. And if your cover is not removable, no problem at all, we have that covered, too.

Guide to changing covers

It all begins with you.

Embrace things you already have, start with finding your IKEA model to order samples.

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