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On our way to meet Julia Mårtensson in her vibrant home, we walk among the quaint streets of Vasastan. Historic buildings and charming cafes set the scene of this picturesque Stockholm neighbourhood, that houses not only Bemz’s showroom, but many local hotspots. Join us as we take a deep dive into the kaleidoscope that is Julia’s home.

Stepping into Julia’s colourful studio apartment, we are warmly welcomed by Valter, her sprightly 12-year-old Danish-Swedish Farmdog. The cozy 31 square meter apartment is nestled on the ground floor, with expansive windows that open to a charming outdoor space. The zesty spirit of Julia's aesthetic appreciation unfolds right from the entryway, painted in a radiant sunshine yellow hue courtesy of Klint, Julia’s place of work. Her role as Creative Manager and stylist for the contemporary paint company has greatly influenced her home, that functions as a vessel for Julia to channel her creativity. “As someone who overthinks everything, my home has become a therapeutic project I work on to take my mind off things. Rearranging my knicknacks is mindfulness for me.”

I want to give a big round of applause to this slipcover. Changing the cover changed the whole atmosphere of the apartment!

Within the cozy confines of Julia's petite apartment lies a tucked-away bedroom, a space that, despite its size, exudes a distinct richness. The bed's headboard, with a cover in Brera Lino Terracotta, harmoniously resonates with the painted IKEA Ivar cabinet – another Klint nuance, naturally. Bemz' made-to-measure curtains in Sheer Check Linen delicately filter the incoming light, creating a play of shadows that lends the illusion of the entire floor being one expansive bed. Adding a touch of rustic charm to the contemporary colour palette, a bedspread in Cotton Hemp, Blue Stripe, introduces a playful contrast.


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