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  • Are Bemz sofa covers machine washable?
  • Can I provide my own fabric for Bemz to make me a cover?

    We get this question often. And the short answer is, unfortunately, no. The fabric we use in all of our covers is tested to meet many different standards. Firstly, it has to fit the IKEA furniture we cover perfectly. We aim to create products that our customers love and a good fit is fundamental. It has to be machine washable not just once, but for up to 3 years’ worth of washing because that is our product guarantee - and it still has to fit perfectly after repeated washings. It has to be of a very high quality - because that’s all we sell - quality.  If the material has a pattern, we have to be sure that we can match that pattern in a way that still looks great as a sofa cover. And finally, our sewers are human beings. Sometimes they use machines and sometimes they sew by hand, but to err is human and we (like you!) would feel terrible if your fabric got torn by accident. We have no doubt that the fabric you have in mind is beautiful. But we can’t guarantee the end result will meet our high standards so we have chosen not to go down this path.

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