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  • Can you help me cover my sofa even though it's not from IKEA?
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  • How do I attach my Bemz replacement furniture legs?
  • Do I need a universal mounting plate for my furniture legs?

    Probably not. For most IKEA sofas and armchairs, you simply have to swap the old legs for the new ones. But, for the perfect fit, some models need a universal mounting plate, (such as the Karlanda and Tomelilla sofa/armchair).

    To find out if you need a mounting plate, check the bottom of your sofa to see if there’s a hole underneath for screwing in your new legs. It should be around 8 mm in width – enough to accomodate a standard M8 screw. Still unsure? Contact our Customer Service team, they’ll be happy to help!

  • What furniture do Bemz legs fit?