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Bemz Delivery Information

Here you can find most questions and answers concerning our delivery procedures, delivery countries and the costs involved.

  • When will I receive my order?
  • To which countries do you deliver?
  • What is the shipping policy to the USA?
  • What is the shipping policy to Norway and Switzerland?
  • What are the shipping options to Sweden, Denmark and Finland?
  • What are the shipping costs to the following EU Countries?
  • What are the shipping costs to Norway and Switzerland?
  • What are the shipping costs to Canada and the USA?
  • What are the shipping costs to the following NON-EU Countries?
  • How is my order delivered?
  • How can I check the delivery status of my order?
  • What happens if there is no one available to accept the delivery?
  • Why I may be asked to give my Social Security Number?

    Please note for deliveries to the United States: duty/customs and brokerage/handling fees still exist and the receiver is responsible for the payment of duties and taxes when applicable. Unfortunately, we are unable to itemize these charges on our checkout page because they are determined by your local authorities. For custom clearance purposes, personal information such as your Social Security Number may be required at the time of delivery by the shipping company. According to FedEx/TNT: "Because the commodity of the item is fabric FedEx/TNT must make a formal declaration to U.S customs. This formal declaration requires that the importer pay U.S customs duties and taxes. Bemz takes the cost of these custom fees at the time of purchase and processes the custom fees via our account with FedEx/TNT. The reason FedEx/TNT requires the Social Security Number is because the customs entry is done using the U.S importer's name and information. The Social Security Number would provide U.S customs with the evidence that the importer is a legal resident of the U.S and is permitted to import goods. Every entry done for a U.S importer is driven by their unique IRS or Social Security Number."

  • Does Bemz only deliver to physical addresses?
  • Does delivery take longer during busy order periods like Black Friday?