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Curtains Guide

Custom sewn curtains are available in the same beautiful array of textiles as Bemz design covers. We offer 4 different heading styles and flexible sizing – anywhere from 50 cm narrow panels up to a dramatic 6 metres long.

  • Popular sizes

    Start by measuring your window (naturally!).

     •    Our curtain dimensions always follow ‘width x length’ sizing in centimetres. For example, the size 140 x 250 cm is the measurement for a curtain that is 140 cm wide and 250 cm long.

        •    Although our fabrics come in varying widths (140-150 cm), we always utilise the maximum width when sewing curtains. This means curtain widths may vary by +/- 5 cm from the ordered size. This will not affect the appearance or use of the curtains.


        •    If you have an existing curtain rod or track, use it as a measurement guide for your curtain width, then add a further 10 cm onto the total in order to ensure they overlap in the middle and keep the light out when your curtains are closed.


        •    For curtains that should just cover the length of the window, add 2 cm to the measured length of the window.

        •    Floor length curtains should ideally finish 1-2cm above the floor.

        •    For extra drama, add approximately 20 cm to the curtain length so excess fabric can bunch on the floor.

  • Bemz fabric for curtains
  • Four styles of curtain heading
  • Made-to-measure
  • One panel or two panels
  • Tiebacks