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Curtains Guide

Custom sewn curtains are available in the same beautiful array of textiles as Bemz design covers. We offer 4 different heading styles and flexible sizing – anywhere from 50 cm narrow panels up to a dramatic 6 metres long.

  • Popular sizes
  • Bemz fabric for curtains
  • Four styles of curtain heading

    Heading Tape
        •    Heading Tape Curtains use a band of fabric that is threaded with drawstring.
        •    Neat gathers of fabric are created by attaching curtain hooks through the heading tape and using the drawstrings, perfect for relaxed to formal settings.
        •    The curtains can hang on a curtain track using 7 cm long hooks (e.g., IKEA’s RIKTIG curtain hooks) or on a curtain rod using rings for curtain hooks (e.g., IKEA’s SYRLIG curtain rings with clips and hooks).
        •    To fit our heading tape curtains, use standard 7 cm hooks

    Tab Top
        •    Tab Top Curtains have a loop of fabric that is attached to the top of the curtain and hangs directly off the curtain rod.
        •    Suitable for an informal setting and can only be used with a curtain rod.

    Eyelet Top
        •    Eyelet Top Curtains are characterised by their metal edged holes that run horizontally across the top of the fabric.
        •    Suitable for contemporary settings, Eyelet Top curtains can only be used with a curtain rod.

    Rod Pocket
        •    Rod Pocket Curtains have a sleeve of fabric at the top of the curtain which is slid onto the curtain rod. The stitched rod pocket is 8 cm wide to fit a variety of curtain rod sizes.
        •    Rod Pocket Curtains are wonderfully versatile and suitable for both relaxed and formal settings. They can be used with a curtain rod, wire or attached to curtain rings with clips.

  • Made-to-measure
  • One panel or two panels
  • Tiebacks